In Search of Divine Reality: Science as a Source of Inspiration



  1. A the foundations of physical reality, the nature of material things reveals itself as non-material.
  2. The elementary components of real things partake of a kind of reality that is different than that of the things that they form.
  3. Local order is affected by non-local, faster-than-light phenomena.
  4. In the world of quantum phenomena, entities with mind-like properties are found.

All these aspects are inferred from experience of physical reality, but they go beyond that order. They have all the characteristics of transcendent properties.

All this is in striking contrast to common sense and to the world of classical mechanics, in which all reality is reduced to the motion of particles which obey Newton’s laws, a reality that has no room for the spiritual and mental, and does not even tolerate it because the nature of mind (non-material and not subject to determinism) is a violation of its premises. Mind is not a part or principle of Newton’s laws and its willful actions are in conflict with those laws. In Newton’s universe, mind is necessarily in conflict with matter. But God, if God exists, must be a mind. In the Heisenberg events the word is becoming flesh…

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